Shocking reason why Man United did not sign Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United were discouraged from signing Sporting’s Bruno Fernandes because of his knack for easily giving the ball away, per reports.

Fernandes appeared top on Manchester United radar before the close of the window but despite claim of the Red Devils making offers, they failed to sign the Prolific midfielder.

He enjoyed fine form last season in the Primera Liga, in which he came-off the season with 19 league goals in 31 games.

The 24-year-old had laid bare his desire to leave Sporting but United appeared as the only side interested in him.

Alas, he did not fit into the style of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

According to MailOnline, the scouts of United had analised his style of play and they found out, even though he was a good player, he was lost ball possession and was poor in making decisions.

For an outright attacking midfielder, Fernandes ended last season with  75.1 per cent pass completion rate which was low compared to Paul Pogba’s 82.8 per cent.

Solskjaer is building his squad around Pogba and he’s looking to add a midfielder who can retain ball possession as well as offer threats in attack with his passes.

Although Pogba led United to demolishing Chelsea in the Premier league opener last weekend, his future at the club remains bleak.



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