What Jurgen Klopp has said about new signings for Liverpool and new cars

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has broken since at the dearth of transfer activities at the club.

Liverpool have signed on young players with bags of potentials but they have failed to sign any player that can compete in the first team.

Though the Reds have been dubbed as one of the favourites to bag the Premier league title next season, there seem to be concern regarding to the size of their squad.

However, Klopp appear unfazed and he has laid bare why the Kopites have not signed any first team player this summer.

He said: “You should never do transfers because other clubs are doing transfers. That makes no sense, it’s not about that. He spoke to  Sky Sports

“And if you sit back for a second and have a look at the squad, do we need more players?

“People will say, yes, we need a substitute for Sadio Mane, for Mohamed Salah, whatever. But those players are here.

“So, do you get a one-for-one replacement? A big signing? People think that players from other clubs, other countries, are better than the players we have here but without really having the proof, because those players haven’t played here, or whatever else.

“It’s just that what is new is seen as more exciting. It’s like with a new car. Your old car is completely reliable, but you want a new one and two weeks later it breaks down. It looks better, but obviously it’s not that good.”

Liverpool have been heavily linked with resigning of Philippe Coutinho from Barcelona but the play-maker has stayed put in his club. Nicolas Pepe was also linked with a move to the Reds but he has joined Arsenal.

The transfer window in England closes today and Liverpool will have to make do with the players they have.