Why Liverpool must sign James Milner’s replacement this summer

The Reds are the envy of many clubs in Europe. But, they need to do more in the summer if they want to remain one of the top sides next season.

There are many reasons Liverpool gained more neutrals in the past season. They were playing fantastic football. They won so many games. They had a passionate manager. The club looked so good that you could hardly find a weak link.

It is not that Liverpool had no weak link. The fact is that they found a way to mask their plenty weaknesses. One of such was Milner.

Don’t get it wrong, James Milner isn’t exactly a weakness for any team. The veteran player has turned out for so many clubs that he has always been singled out for praise.

However, he is aging. Beyond age, Liverpool need more Milners. The fact that they had just one Milner and he was aging fast was enough reason.

James Milner has turned out for Liverpool in defence, midfield, and attack. It is doubtful if there is any position the Englishman hasn’t appeared or can’t appear in.

Despite his versatility, this is the time for the club to look for a player who can be a natural successor to Milner. A player who can fill in the boots in any position while leading the team to glory.

Milner turns 34 in January 2020. Liverpool needs to strengthen the team by looking for a Milner successor as he edges closer to retirement.